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We specialized in all kinds of plastic, metal, decorative racks and various accessories to meet the modernized kitchen and bathroom requirements. Besides these, we also supplies stainless steel 304, custom made accessories for the furniture fittings, kitchen cabinet wardrobe. Furniture handles and knobs are also one of our best selling items.

Kitchen utensils life is the most numerous species in their daily home in the kitchen and out of three meals a day and ultimately more moving and hauling stuff inevitably pots and pans .

How frequent movement of such a space in order to establish a good living , many families are facing trouble , and this trouble only by basket to solve a variety of items will be accommodated arms , has a large basket storage space , and can be reasonably segmentation space, so that a variety of items and appliances get what they want.

Baskets are usually divided into three types: Lalan cabinet , corner basket, under the furnace blue. Corner Baskets rational use of space , both beautiful and easy to use , and very convenient one. For families of personnel is a large basket cabinet, which the loading capacity of a few pounds.

If there is no basket, dishes , glasses , pots, spices pots on the outside not only space, but also easily stained with dust, but after using the basket, they can be orderly, neat place , effectively saving the kitchen space.